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BA International Relations

The program addresses a wide variety of fields of observation such as the functioning of the state, international affairs and the diplomacy of the great powers. He is interested in the issues of globalization, compares the evolution of different political regimes and seeks to explain the conflicts in the major regions of the globe. It is also characterized by its interaction with other disciplines such as law, history, economics, sociology and philosophy.

A rigorous general training that focuses on the contribution of several disciplines to foster global understanding of issues such as globalization, international security and development.

Flexible training including:

  • an introduction to the main disciplines of the program and their international component (political science, economics, law, history, geography, demography, anthropology, urban planning and sociology);
  • an introduction to research methods to deepen the analysis of international phenomena and to prepare for certain graduate programs;
  • a specialization in orientation and the exploration of various themes through a vast repertoire of optional courses;
  • a knowledge integration activity that may take the form of an internship in the workplace in France or abroad;
  • the practice of two living languages ​​is an important component of training: French, English
  •  learning or developing a third language