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BA Tourism and Hospitality Management

The BA Tourism & Hospitality Management program aims to train tourism professionals able to manage the tourism phenomenon and the various businesses connected to it. Depending on the concentration chosen, their general competence will be in the management of tourism and some of its main components (products and services, customers, development projects, events, etc.), or at the more specific level of tourism. hotel management and catering. The training addresses tourism in its many facets but more particularly in terms of management.


The program aims at acquiring theoretical knowledge and professional skills enabling the participants trained by this program to analyze the national and international tourism sector, manage tourism service companies, including hotel and catering companies, in terms of quality, efficiency and productivity and to demonstrate personal skills (autonomy, leadership, communication, etc.) and methodologies related to the tourism sector.



  • The practice of three living languages ​​is an important component of the training: French, English and:
  • a living European language (German, Spanish, Italian, ..),
  • or an Asian language such as Hindi, Chinese, Japanese or other as a new mandatory language for all students, in order to respond to new data from the global economy.