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BA Tourism, Culture and Leisure

The BA Tourism, Culture and Leisure program offers, as its name indicates, a vocational training course in the fields of tourism, culture and leisure. This field of intervention is very broad and covers both the municipal and regional leisure sector, as well as cultural and socio-cultural events, tourism and eco-tourism, as well as education, health and services. and support for voluntary associations.


The program provides basic methodological training, extensive knowledge of culture and leisure as unifying and integrative field of professional interventions, training in methods of intervention in social sciences applied to culture and leisure. It also includes specialization profiles that are fundamentally focused on a deeper knowledge of areas of intervention arising from the constant expansion of leisure and labor market demands, such as municipal and community services, tourism and recreation. air, the leisure and cultural industries, the field of education and cultural animation, the health and social services sector.


  • The practice of three living languages ​​is an important component of the training: French, English and:
  • a living European language (German, Spanish, Italian, ..),
  • or an Asian language such as Hindi, Chinese, Japanese or other as a new mandatory language for all students, in order to respond to new data from the global economy.