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BBA Program

The B.B.A. program prepares students for management positions in business and government by providing the necessary concepts, theories, and real-world preparation relating to human and organizational aspects of management.


The education leading to a bachelor of business administration degree starts with general courses in a wide variety of subjects. The program also provides the analytical, creative, and quantitative expertise required to utilize resources and make good business decisions. Many students continue on for their Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) degree.


Our highest priority is to provide students with a broad professional education to allow them to take a productive place in society and in their chosen professions. The next highest priority is to establish and further an environment that supports academic inquiry in business and economic topics. To fulfil our public service responsibilities, we encourage faculty and students to assume a positive presence in community affairs and to commit to supporting business and economic development in the World. The three-year program focuses on business in international context