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In the era of globalization, trade is increasing, trade borders are shrinking and cultures are getting closer. A situation that encourages international organizations, companies and some ministries, especially those of Foreign Affairs and Defense to appeal to more and more cosmopolitan professionals. In short, international experts, whether they specialize in business, finance, law or diplomacy, are on the rise.

As an international relations consultant, You will be responsible for advising your employer on various international aspects of development, cooperation, trade and political and economic relations with authorities in different countries of the world. Depending on the type of employer you work for, you will provide specific advice to the countries concerned:

In International Trade: You will advise companies on how to proceed to develop markets for the export of their products or services taking into account the already established market in the country, the policies and laws in international trade, the needs of this community and their culture. 

You will be able to advise on specific topics such as international trade, cultural promotion abroad, scientific and technological promotion abroad, tourism promotion or economic and political relations.


In International Development: You will advise international or governmental, para-governmental or non-governmental development or cooperation agencies in the development of programs and projects for development cooperation and support to communities in developing countries anywhere in the world. world, taking into account the social, cultural, ethnic, economic, political and environmental dimensions of these regions.


In International Relations: you will advise representatives of Canadian, foreign or international governmental or non-governmental organizations or companies present in the international market on various issues related to globalization. You will participate in the development of international agreements, exchanges, agreements or strategies, the establishment of mechanisms for international cooperation, the development of development policies and relations between organizations or companies from different countries, etc.


 As an agent of the Foreign Service, as a representative abroad, you will be responsible for defending the interests of citizens living abroad (for tourism, for studies, for work, for business, for family or personal reasons, etc) to ensure that his fellow citizens are treated well in their host country.


You will participate in the development of external policies that will be proposed and adopted by your government and explained to the government of the host country. You will have to have good relations with him and, in the international meetings in which you will participate, improve the position of the government that you will represent. You will also promote the development of international law and its application in external relations. You will also be able to issue passports and grant visas or residence permits (work or studies) on behalf of the government.


SDMI offers the following courses in English only or in bilingual: