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ELEP- Big Data Analytics Manager

The fast growth of available information is driven by the combination of billions of smartphones and tablets, the huge number of mostly cloud-based applications, the intensive interactivity and collaboration of people via social media and the Internet of Things phenomenon. This mass of publicly available or privately owned information poses a challenge for all organizations: how to use it to innovate, to service clients better, to reduce cost and ensure business success in the future?

That is when the Expert in Big Data Analytics comes to the foreground and creates value for the organization.

The expert in Big Data Analytics knows where to find relevant information, how to access it and extract the gold nuggets; he explains the decision makers what the information means. The latter can be focused on ‘What happened?’, ‘Why did it happen?’, ‘What will happen?’ and/or ‘What should we do?’

All public organizations and private companies, no matter the industry in which they operate, need one or more Expert in Big Data Analytics. It is the job for the future.

The training and certification of Experts in Big Data Analytics ensures excellent paid employment!