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ELEP-Cybersecurity Manager

“According to a study by the World Economic Forum, cyber attacks could lead to economic losses of up to € 2 trillion by 2020.”

All companies face increasing risks of physical, IT or financial attacks, but this should not be a hindrance to their ambition, their performance and their potential for innovation.

In a hyper-connected business environment, where keeping information is crucial to staying in the running, the number of entry points for a malicious actor is increased tenfold: IT systems, applications, key assets, highly sensitive data. High media coverage of cyber attacks and a heightened sense of vulnerability put pressure on businesses. They must build ever higher protective walls, sometimes without taking the time to identify the best way to do so, or to ensure that this objective is consistent with the company’s strategy, nor yet to establish the priorities.

How to keep control of information when power belongs to those who know how to share it? When data, always finer, often sensitive, can not be exploited with the use of partners?

The “Cybersecurity” manager knows how to meet the challenges of the digital security issue in his company. He / she supports the executives of a company (or public service) and is the leader of the digital security program. All organizations, private and public, will need one or more experts in digital security: this is the job of the future.

The Cyber Security Manager training and qualification ensures excellent paid work.