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ELEP-Territorial Sustainable Development

The Executive Leadership Education Program in Territorial Sustainable Development will suit participants who are analytical, inquisitive, solution or policy-oriented and interested in seeking employment in areas associated with sustainable regional and rural development, strategic urban and regional planning, natural resources management, and climate change adaptation planning.

SDMI offers a wide range of courses on regional management topics such as green cities, sustainable local economic development, climate change, land management, urban theory, rural planning, housing and more. The courses are compact and intensive by nature and the duration varies from  6 to 8 months.

§  The compact and intensive nature of the courses enables you to develop your knowledge on a subject within a short period of time.

§  They focus on real-life problems which allow you to take home implementable solutions.

§  You’ll meet like-minded urban professionals from all over the world and expand your network with key connections from our partners

§  They’re a unique opportunity to further your expertise and strengthen your professional standing with an experience abroad.


The executive manager in “Territorial Sustainable Development” knows how to tackle the challenges of Regional planning. He/she supports the executives of a company (or public service) and is the leader of the Territorial Sustainable Development program. All organizations, private and public, will need one or more Expert in Territorial Sustainable Development: It is the job for the future. The training and certification of Experts in Territorial Sustainable Development ensures excellent paid employment.