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ELEP- Transforming into a Digital Business Manager

The explosion of Smart Phones and Tablets, Social Media, Cloud based services, Big Data and the Internet-of-Things creates a world in which almost everything exists and moves in a Digital format. The effect hereof is that all ‘old and tried’ business models have to adapt to this new reality.

Think about the music distribution industry: twenty years ago we had recording studios, vinyl (or CD) record making factories, thousands of shops to sell the records, manufacturers of HiFi equipment. Today artists record their musical creations themselves, upload it in the Cloud and the consumers can listen to the music on the smartphones. Gone are all the participants in the ‘old’ supply chain for music.

 The banking industry is fully busy transforming its business model to fit inside the new digital economy. When will the newspapers follow? And what about all other products and services?

The expert in “Transforming into a Digital Business” knows how to tackle the challenges of transformation. He/she supports the executives of a company (or public service) and is the leader of the transformation program.

All organizations, private and public, will need one or more Expert in Transforming into a Digital Business: It is the job for the future. The training and certification of Experts in Transforming into a Digital Business ensures excellent paid employment.