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Environment and Sustainbility

Job in this sector can be presented in different ways. We have selected one of them: in first,  jobs that are “related to the protection of nature and the management of natural resources”, in second,  those related to the prevention and treatment of pollution and risks, Finally, those related to the development of the living environment. This is an IFEN ranking that dates but highlights the range of activities.

For job-seekers considering a career in sustainability, there’s already a list of compelling motivators:

  • Many green jobs are in strong demand with significant future growth.
  • Most environmental professionals also find their work motivating and engaging.

While it’s great to find a great career you love, but it’s even better to know that you can make a decent living doing the work you love.

Sustainability jobs play a vital leadership role in their organizations. These professionals are usually senior-level directors or managers who guide their company’s corporate sustainability strategy by communicating and coordinating with upper management, external stakeholders, clients and junior staff.

As a result, Sustainability jobs are responsible for developing, implementing and evaluating their employer’s sustainability programs.

Most Sustainability jobs find employment at different levels of government, large corporations with a core sustainability policy, utility companies, and natural resource extraction companies (including oil & gas, mining and forestry). In addition, many Sustainability jobs also work at post-secondary educational institutions and environmental professional or advocacy organizations.


In a typical work day, a Sustainability jobs might:

  • Act as an internal sustainability consultant in the company to educate colleagues on sustainability trends, programs and issues
  • Build short and long-range operational plans that incorporate sustainable practices
  • Manage company sustainability projects, such as recycling, energy efficiency, or reduced water use
  • Engage with clients, shareholders and upper management to ensure that their input is reflected in the organization’s sustainability policy

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