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Implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility in Central Europe

Implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility in Central Europe –


Corporate Social Responsibility can be understood as a way for managing business activities which integrates economic, social and environmental aspects in harmony with principles of sustainable development. The expected positive impact is not limited to economic performance but also on the surroundings (employees, partners, customers, the city and region) with a consistent reduction of impacts on the environment via enduring development of human resources, the community and society.

The European Commission believes that CSR is important for the sustainability, competitiveness, and innovation of EU enterprises and the EU economy. It brings benefits for risk management, cost savings, access to capital, customer relationships, and human resource management. It also offers a set of values on which to build a more cohesive society and on which to base the transition to a sustainable economic system.

The present proposal is aimed at finding the best education solution to formulate a CV for the production of a training in CSR, that can satisfy the needs of future participants especially the ones coming from Central and East Europe, and offer them a better prospective on how sustainable and ethical organizations operate, to learn how to get enterprises interested in improve their CSR activities. Such care for employees and customers by a company has a direct impact on employees productivity, company’s image and with a huge benefit on company’s competitiveness. By actively promoting social responsibility at all organizational levels, enterprises can significantly contribute to the European Union’s objectives of sustainable development and creation of the highly competitive social market economy.

It is important that this project is carried out transnationally because only through collaboration of organisations from different Member States in the region can we exchange best practice examples of corporate social responsibility in enterprises from Central and Eastern Europe. Since this knowledge and skills are achievable only through joint cooperation, the coordinator has established a trans-European consortium.

Kick off Meeting between  15 to 16 october 2018 in Paris at Maison de l’Europe

1st Meeting by Aregai in Torino at Thursday 28th 2019