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MSc Climat Change and Carbon Management (3CM)

The planet is becoming hotter and much of the observed warming is attributed to increases in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, the most significant of which is carbon dioxide. Regardless of our efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions over the next few decades some level of climate change is now thought inevitable. However the extent and severity of the changes are still uncertain. This multi-disciplinary coursework program explores the science of carbon change, anticipated climate change trends and their impacts, and drivers for the development of a low carbon economy.       

The Master of Climate Change and Carbon Management graduates can expect to: 

  • gain both a high level of knowledge in particular aspects of climate change, a broad knowledge of the current issues in and approaches to climate change vulnerability, adaptation and mitigation and carbon management
  • develop their independent learning, analytical and research, teamwork, and oral and written communication skills;
  • develop networks relevant to their academic and professional interests; and


This program is designed for economics, business, social and physical science graduates wanting an advanced academic qualification as a launch pad for careers in carbon and climate change management by business, industry and government.