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MSc E-Business and Entrepreneurship

The programme focuses on skills and knowledge required to maximise the potential of modern information technologies for innovation in business. To achieve this goal, the programme has been designed as a holistic experience with an equal balance of business and technology topics and with a focus on online and Internet businesses.


The programme provides an outstanding education with a unique integration of theory and practice:

  • Practice-oriented teaching based on case studies and real-world examples ensures a tight integration of theory and practice.
  • Company-based dissertation projects provide students with the opportunity to tackle real-world problems for real clients as part of a 10-week consulting project.


Successful students will be well equipped for a career as:

  • Business and technology consultants focusing on e-business, e-commerce, and enterprise applications.
  • Project managers responsible for the delivery of technology and business solutions.
  • Business and technology managers influencing e-business and e-commerce strategies.
  • IT architects specifying or developing enterprise-wide IT solutions.
  • Entrepreneurs establishing their own innovative companies in the IT and online sector.


The programme is open to everyone with an interest in the intersection of business and technology. A background in business, management or computing is preferable, but not essential.