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MSc IT Project Management

The idea of managers who can ‘bridge’ between different areas is one that has been promoted by SDMI for some time.


The ‘bridger’ has to have a wide perspective and be equipped with the organisational and people skills to break down the barriers between IT and business.


The aim of this course is to develop you to be a leader in your organisation, enabling the full benefits of modern technology to be realised. The course is inter-disciplinary and you will learn about Information Systems alongside the core areas of business and management, which are at the heart of this course.


The course will prepare you to make critical high-level managerial and organisational decisions and to back these up with the best in modern information gathering and deployment. You will also develop your ability to analyse problems logically and apply appropriate decision-making skills and knowledge to reach feasible, realistic conclusions


Designed to help graduates who are not business specialists gain a valuable insight into business and management and enhance their employability.