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MSc Network, Computer and System Security

This program develops a comprehensive understanding of the underlying technologies of computer and network security mechanisms and a critical awareness of the overhead, impact and relative value of the protection offered. It provides an advanced understanding of the nature of secure e-commerce within an organisation and the technical, legal and business issues involved; and a critical awareness of the inherent risks and related privacy issues of its use in business. An understanding and mastery of the nature of security protocols within a network and the Internet will lead to a solid grasp of the performance and quality issues involved.


The course will prepare you to make critical high-level in network, computer and system security. You will also develop your ability to analyse problems logically and apply appropriate decision-making skills and knowledge to reach feasible, realistic conclusions

The programme looks at the development, management and use of information technology within and between organisations. We provide our students with a conceptual and practical knowledge of the management of IT and IT-induced change.

As a student on this  programme you will:

  • develop an in-depth understanding of the organisational and management processes that underlie IT-induced organisational change
  • develop conceptual and practical knowledge in the following areas: managing change, knowledge management, systems analysis and design, IT strategy, problem-solving methodologies, project management, and e-business