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MSc Occupational Hygiene, Health, Safety and Environmental Management (OHHSEM)

The program is intended to equip graduates with a wide range of inter-disciplinary knowledge and skills to work in areas related to occupational hygiene health, safety and environment.


On successful completion of the programme, participants will:

  • have a detailed knowledge and understanding of the major concepts and theories associated with environmental, health and safety management;
  • employ appropriate advanced data analysing, synthesising and summarising skills in a scientific research environment;
  • have a detailed knowledge and understanding of the concepts and processes of risk management;
  • be able to implement risk assessment techniques in a number of diverse areas;
  • have a detailed knowledge of and apply current approaches to managing chemical and biological hazards;
  • understand how the principles of toxicology relate to occupational exposures;
  • discuss and formulate measures to prevent pollution and reduce waste through process design;
  • understand the effects of environmental hazards on the biotic and abiotic environment;
  • have a fundamental understanding of the International legal framework;
  • have a clear understanding of requirements in the main health, safety and environmental laws;
  • be able to demonstrate a knowledge that is integrated across the legal, financial and general business aspects of professional practice;
  • understand the role and importance of strategy in organisations;
  • understand the importance of compliance with legislation and the consequences of non-compliance