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MSc Sustainable Building: Design and Performance Management (SBDPM)

The Master Program in Sustainable Building: Design & Performance Management is a multi-disciplinary programme of graduate study tailored for green professionals of the built environment. The curriculum of this programme is specially designed to emphasise the successful integration of design & technology, and to build capability in the application of sustainable design globally. This includes passive ‘green’ design, renewable energy, solar technology, high impact energy efficient systems, computer simulations and total building performance. Students will acquire competencies in conducting macro & micro analysis and simulations for projects located anywhere geographically.


The course is carefully structured to accommodate the interests and skills of those who are related to building design and technology and building energy and environmental performance. The strong emphasis is targeted to successful integration of renewable and sustainable energy technologies into buildings, which requires an understanding of both design and technology and hence the close co-operation of architecture and engineering.

The course is designed to allow discussion and exchange of information between different disciplines and encourages novel and imaginative solutions to the challenge of producing environmentally friendly buildings.