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MSc Sustainable Development and Environment (SDE)

Sustainability is one of the most important principles governing the long-term development of human society. It pervades the activities of governments, organisations and individuals. This course includes a thorough exploration of the concept of sustainable development with its techno-economic, environmental and social dimensions, and of how it affects all public and private activities. It is particularly designed to provide the understanding the analytical skills needed to work effectively to promote sustainable development in government and non-governmental organisations, public and private sector, civil society.


This interdisciplinary programme offers a unique opportunity to study the theory and practice of sustainable environmental management.

It covers a diverse range of sustainability and environmental issues spanning the natural and social sciences, allowing you to develop a broad knowledge base while also specialising in specific fields of environmental management.


Its interactive and practically-focused approach provides a rigorous training in the legal, political and ethical dimensions of sustainability. The wide range of options also enables students to specialise in specific aspects of sustainable environmental management. Class-based teaching is combined with a range of fieldwork activities to provide an excellent foundation for professional careers in environmental consultancies, specialist environmental agencies, local and central government, research and a range of other organisations in the public and private sector.