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MSc Transports and Logisitcs Management (TLM)

In an increasingly competitive environment, logistics and transports managers need to demonstrate competencies, such as leadership and decision-making, that will enable them to stand out from the crowd.


The aim of these programme is to produce graduates with a sound grasp of current and emerging theories and philosophies associated with logistics and transports; emphasising relationships with other corporate functions, and other activities of the supply chain process. Students will be given the opportunity to develop their knowledge of the concepts and practices of logistics and supply chains, which can be applied to their own organisation or linked to an organisation in the public or private sector.


The MSc Transport and Logistics is a specialist postgraduate programme that offers high level strategic teaching in the areas of: Strategic supply chain management, international and global supply network management, distribution and warehousing, complexity thinking, strategic operations management and project management, future transport and emerging landscapes and research methodologies.

The program is a flexible degree scheme in which you choose subjects that interest you and also attend compulsory core modules. The programme prepares you to use your analytical skills in decision support and planning. In today’s fast moving world, customers and citizens expect high-quality services and products that are appropriate to their needs; therefore organisations must think through their decisions before acting. You will study methods of proven value for decision support.