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MSc Transports and Urban Planning

The overall breadth and orientation of teaching at SDMI provides the ideal context for studying transport and urban planning as a contributor to sustainable development. In particular elements of the transport and spatial planning programmes are shared, enabling students qualifying in one to appreciate the workings and contribution of the other. The focus of both is with policy and practice in the Europe but drawing on international comparisons where relevant.


The transport and urban planning programme sets out to meet the requirements of people who wish to develop their academic capability through study of the subject and/or who are already embarked on, or envisage a career in, this field. It is designed to impart systematically the knowledge and skills needed to contribute effectively to the transport planning process and to utilise (and in the case of the MSc, conduct) original research on issues relating to it.


Central to the educational experience is group work in a studio setting, in which students collaborate in multidisciplinary teams to solve ‘real-life’ problems in Europe and the region. Equally important is the three- and six month professional internship, between the first and second year of study, in a planning field and geographic location of the students’ own choosing. (Finding internship opportunities is the first part of the task.)