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Presentation of SDMI

Learning is a key dimension of the human condition and is also essential for the harmonious growth of individuals and of society as a whole. For this reason, the Sustainable Development Management  Institute works to promote social development through learning and training, through to the principles of the International Labor Organization.

The institute offers a plurality of education and training services aimed at strengthening human resources and professional capacities, in order to promote progress and development.  We believe that future generations must be prepared to play a crucial role in preserving the planet and managing its resources. In particular, the enormous climate and environmental challenge facing humankind requires more and more knowledge, preparedness and competence.

S D M I prepares its students to develop all personnal skills and empowerments by connecting them to sustainable management in a innovating environment at university. Being part of this international network gives the oppurtuniy to stay connected to new ways of learning and in several languages throughout the world. Questions of Interdisciplinarity and attention to gender is given and is part of our goals.

The institute located in the heart of Europe proposes a strong multicultural education program and offers to its students possibilities to confront them with international realities in different fields of application. Mainly connected to reseach and work.

SDMI encourages students to go abraod, stages and participation in several communty-projects are proposed fto gain experiences of learning with an intergrative approach.

Our purpose

SDMI employs at :

  • Promotion of all learning levels , from individuel- to group-learning
  • Encouragement of social developping conditions and openings and acces to learning facilities
  • An learning environment where organic ecological solidity is taken in account
  • Advancement of life long learning

To achieve those goals, the SDMI binds to offer an university education of quality, proping two programs :

  • Short term bilingual branches of higher education, full time or part time internship (as BTS)
  • Long time professional branche such as professionnal higher education (Bachelor : BA, BSc, BBA, LLB, Master : MA, MSc, MBA, LLM)

The Institut offers professional internship for those who desire to invest in their work-linked training, independently of their age. Continuing vocational training and education is caracterised by our original structure of giving place to collective negociation and includes terms of acces, according  the function of the status of the specific person.