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Professional Experience

SDMI offers several internships and professional experiences as a form of integrated learning. Undertaking an internship is a great way to improve your skills, your employability and your abilities. For these reasons, SDMI includes internships in the official course structure, as well as additional programs offered by the Careers Department.

Work experience develops student skills, such as teamwork, communication and business awareness. In addition, it will be easier for them to choose the sector in which they wish to work.

Having a diploma is a great asset for getting noticed by potential employers, but the practical experience offers the unique advantage of “building useful skills that can not be taught in the classroom as well as contacts to which students would not be exposed “, as underlined by the CEO of Avanade UK. In addition, “an employer, in perspective, will always be supportive of the efforts of those who have had work experience, which confers new talents and gives them the advantage of putting pressure on the most wanted positions in the field. “.

Differentiate and become more employable

 The experience of working also helps you differentiate yourself as “employers value the competitive advantage and that work experience gives you,” added the CEO of the Foundation Inspiring Futures. “If you take two graduates with skills and also good personal attributes, one has experience of work and has no other, it is likely that the work is for the person who has demonstrated initiative and has gained experience. There is anecdotal evidence that employers look more favorably at candidates who have acquired a basic understanding of their industry and know the work environment. “ 

Improve your application forms and interviews

The work experience also brings you knowledge that will improve your job search and especially your efficiency during interviews. Employers will understand that you are qualified for the job in question.

 Road test of a company / sector / role

 By gaining work experience, you will have a real professional experience for a week, a fortnight, a summer or even a year. “It can make you think about your career choice, either by confirming that you are doing exactly the right thing, or if you change your mind, and if that happens, you should see that in a positive way because you can redirect your energy to an area that you find more challenging, “notes the executive director of the Inspiring Futures Foundation.

The possibility of leading to full-time job offers

Some long-term internships may lead to a full-time job.

“A one-year internship or extended vacancy will be very impressive on your resume and, if you’re doing well, can lead to the offer of a full-time job after graduation. Many employers are using their placement programs as a first step in recruiting graduates “as pointed out by the experts at Middlesex University, London.

 Personal development

 “But the job experience is not just about impressing recruiters, but also about personal development,” they add.

In fact, improving your personal skills will also help you move forward on the path of professional development.

Be sure to take advantage of SDMI’s career management tool to record everything you get during your internships.