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Support the Institut

We wish to thank all the people – Alumni, Friends of the Institute, Collaborators, Parents – who have shown support, regardless of the nature or amount.

Your support, which can take many forms, furthers the development of the Institute and its mission, and complement the efforts of other philanthropists and patrons who have likewise responded to this fundraising campaign.

Your support can take many forms: from the the provision of lodging, an internship, a part time job, providing services for events, or to making a donation to contribute to a scholarship fund.

You can also make a donation which will bear your name, that of someone close to you or your company and choose to finance:

  • a scholarship to reward academic excellence;
  • a housing scholarship ;
  • a full scholarship covering living expenses;
  • a prize that goes to an outstanding master or PhD student .

You can commit yourself to give one of these amounts annually over several years or even make a capital gift that would go toward the same purpose.

These different options can be discussed with the Director of the Institute. Any suggestions are welcome!

We value your support, no matter what the amount!

If you would like to donate in a different manner or for more information, please contact at

We like to thank all the ancient members, friends, collaborators, parents who support us.

Thanks for your generous gesture !